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Taken from KEZI.com:

EUGENE, Ore. — A coal train chugged its way through the University of Oregon campus Monday afternoon.
It was meant to bring attention to the coal trains that could soon head through Eugene and other parts of Western Oregon.

It was quite the spectacle if you happened to be studying or eating lunch near the Erb Memorial Union around noon. Members of No Coal Eugene hopped on their no coal train, leaving a thick cloud of activism behind them. Equipped with a conductor and cabooses, members shouted phrases like ‘Coal Train Comin’ Through!’ while hacking.

They ended their route in the middle of the amphitheater by dramatically faking their deaths.
Members say they want people to be aware of the dangers uncovered coal would present if it came through the city.”A lot of people in Eugene don’t know that we’re gonna be having coal trains coming through and they’re not given any say on whether or not they are gonna come through because we’re valuing the rights of this coal company over the rights of the people here,” said Grace Warner from No Coal Eugene.

The Port of Coos Bay signed a contract with an unknown company in October. They’re still in talks about shipping coal out of the harbor, but estimates show 15,000 tons could pass through Eugene each day. “No Coal” says during this shipment process, large amounts of coal can fall out and Eugenians would inhale an unsafe amount of the dust. No Coal Eugene plans to make its voice loud and clear with more action like this in the future.

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