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Published on May 9, 2012 by in Local thoughts


Check out this letter from No Coal Eugene member Jere Rosemeyer in today’s Register Guard – thanks, Jere!

Kitzhaber backs coal export review

I urge all those concerned about rapid climate change to read the full text of Gov. John Kitzhaber’s request for a comprehensive environmental impact statement regarding the coal train juggernaut facing Oregon.

It addresses in detail the harmful effects of transporting 157 million tons of coal through Oregon and Washington every year (two- to three-mile-long trains passing through Eugene daily).

Kitzhaber’s letter addresses the harmful effects to Oregon of Asian coal combustion. It mentions not only elevated mercury levels but also spells out all the deleterious effects of climate change. It questions the very concept of coal exports and asks how they can be consistent with “the larger strategy of moving to a low-carbon future.”

Oregon is on the front lines of the worldwide effort to prevent a runaway greenhouse catastrophe. What we decide will play a major role in determining the options available to future generations.

Those who want to curb global warming should contact NoCoalEugene to find out more about stopping the coal trains from passing through Oregon.

Jere C. Rosemeyer, Eugene

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